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tnafanfic's Journal

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TNA Fan Fiction
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I went looking for a community for TNA fan fictions and found none listed, so I created one. Everyone is allowed to post, I do request you keep it to the topic of TNA or TNA Wresters since some work other promotions (past and present). Thanks, and I look forward to reading the fic!

Keep it somewhat tasteful, is all I ask for, I don't mind slash, porn or whatever, but let's not get gross.

***NOTE: I do NOT want death fic of any kind on here.***

Comment and review each other's fanfic, but please keep it to constuctive criticism, NO FLAMING!

OK, it was pointed out to me, that in most sites which do fan fic, you have rules and you have to do the disclaimer stuff so, please follow, kay? Thanks!

Title: (Obvious)

Author: (The name is who you are and names have power, so you go from there)

Wrestlers: (the ones invovled in the story, again, yeah I'm being obvious)

Warnings: (language, slash, angst, etc) -
***NOTE: I do NOT want death fic of any kind on here.***

Rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)

Timeline: (IF you want, you don't have to include it)

Disclaimers: (Such as levelthree wrote: I do not own any either of these beautiful men. If I did, trust me, I’d have much better things to do then write fanfiction about them. With that said, you know you don’t want to sue me for this. I know nothing about these superstars’ sexual preferences or their lives. This is written purely for my twisted enjoyment.) -- for example

Summary: (What the story is about, etc)

Author's Notes: (Again, if you want to, just to give someone insight into you)

***PLEASE: Do an LJ cut for the stories, ok, please, thank you!

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